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Board:    /    Starting Fees: Rs.70,000


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Established in June 2001. The school formally began operations in October 2001 with 70 students joining Playschool and Nursery. The first batch of students appeared for the ICSE board exam in 2012.

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426, Shraddhanand Road, King’s Circle, Matunga Central, Mumbai 400 019.

Tel Numbers: +9122 2404 4063, +9122 2404 4064




School News and Achievements Icon SCHOOL NEWS AND ACHIEVEMENTS

  • Shishuvan school has received the ISA (International School Award) : 2015-2018 from the British council.
  • Ranked No. 1 school in Mumbai East zone in the Hindustan Times survey 2014.
  • Ranked No. 5 in the list of top schools in Mumbai by the Education World school survey 2014.


Programs offered Gradewise Entry Level : Nursery

Programs offered Gradewise Programs offered Gradewise
Nursery to Grade 10 ICSE

Academic Year and Timings Academic Year and Timings

Academic year runs from April to March.

Nursery to Sr. Kg 8.50 am to 12 noon
Grades 1 to 4 8.50 am to 3 pm
Grades 5 to 7 (Monday to Friday and 1st and 3rd Saturday) 7.50 am to 3 pm
Grades 8 to 10 (Monday to Friday) 7.50 am to 3 pm
Grades 8 to 10 (every Saturday ) 7.50 am to 12 noon

Class Strength and Student::Teacher Ratio (By Grade) Class Strength and Student::Teacher Ratio (By Grade)

36 Students per class. 3-4 divsions per grade. For pre-primary section, 2 teachers and 1 helper in each class.

Vacation Period Vacation Period

Summer May to June 1st week
Term break 2 weeks in March
Diwali 10 days in October/November
Paryushan (religious festival of the Gujarati community) 1 week (around September)
Christmas 1 week in December

Assessments / Evaluation (By Grade) Assessments / Evaluation (By Grade)

Open house is twice a year - a progressive report card is given to parents. Tests begin from Grade 1. Formal examinations begin in Grade 7. 

Academic Excellence Record (X/XII Board Results) Academic Excellence Record (X/XII Board Results)

ICSE March 2015 results

Pass percentage 100%

Shishuvan student ranked 3rd at all India Level. Secured 97.14%.

Parent Teacher Engagement Channel Parent Teacher Engagement Channel

All notices/circulars sent in a student’s diary must be signed by the parent and sent with the student on the following day. Home work worksheets can be dowloaded online. School sends emails regarding activities done in school. SMS is sent for important announcements. There is 1 parent representative for each class.


1 Registration Fee (once only at the time of admission)
Rs. 35,000
2 Annual Fees for Nursery (2017-18)
Rs. 104,000
3 Annual Fees for Jr. Kg
Rs. 96,000
4 Annual Fees for Sr. Kg
Rs. 89,500
5 Std 1
Rs. 88,500
6 Std 2
Rs. 82,000
7 Std 3 and 4
Rs. 74,500
8 Std 5 to 7
Rs. 79,500
9 Std 8
Rs. 85,500
10 Std 9 and 10
Rs. 91,500
Fees shown are indicative values and are subject to change



  • The online admission forms for Nursery are available from Monday, 24th September, 2018 to Tuesday, 30th October, 2018 @

    Scanned copies of all documents and child's photo need to be kept ready - 

    1. Birth Certificate

    2. Vaccination Record

    3. Minority Caste Certificate (if applicable)

    4. Mother's Educational Certificates

    5. Father's Educational Certificates

    6. Address Proof

    Max Size 10 MB

  • Parents can visit the school on Saturday, 13th and Sunday, 14th October, 2018 from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 pm to view the facilities and meet the students, parents and staff members.

  • The Help desk for any queries on online admission process is available at Shishuvan school on Monday, 29th October, 2018 (from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm).

  • Admission list posted in school - Friday, 21st December, 2018 (at 4.00 pm)

  • School-parent interaction - Thursday, 3rd and Friday, 4th January, 2019.

  • Fee payment for Nursery - Saturday, 5th January to Thursday, 10th January, 2019 (from 9.30 am to 12.00 noon)


Age criteria for Nursery 2019-20: Children born between 1st October 2015 and 30th September 2016.
Age criteria for Junior Kg 2019-20: Children born between 1st October 2014 and 30th September 2015.



Download and submit admission form online on specific dates. 


Parents visit school to view facilties and campus. 


Parents and child called for basic interaction.


List of selected children will be displayed on school notice board on the scheduled date/time. No separate intimation will be sent to communicate admission decision.


Payment of fees within a certain number of days as per school norms. 


To be submitted with completed application form

1 Address proof
2 Attested copy of applicant's birth certificate / proof of date of birth
3 Photocopy of parents' academic qualification
4 Relevant certificates regarding any medical concerns; and documents related to special learning needs (if applicable).


    There are no interviews but the admission form has a number of questions - 

    1.Why is Shishuvan a choice for your child ?

    2. According to you, what is an ideal partnership between the school and parents, in the education of the child ?

    3. How would you like to help the school as parents ?

    4. You heard about Shishuvan through ?

    5. Shishuvan believes that one aim of education is to be a good human being. What else do you consider to be desirable objectives for a good school ?

    6. You are aware that Shishuvan's structure is non-competitive (no exams until class 7, no ranking, no comparison of students). After passing out from such a school how do you see your child meeting the challenges of today's highly competitive driven world ?

    7. Some children take time to settle in the school. We would like the first experience of the school to be gentle and comfortable for him/her. If your child takes time to settle in, would you or a family member be able to spend time in the school with him/her as long as it takes(if no, please explain why, giving reasons.)

    8. When applications exceed the number of seats available, what criteria should the school apply for selection that are considered just and fair by all ?

    9. Describe childs general behaviour during the neonatal period (first four weeks)

    10. When did your child have his/her first paediatric visit ? Name & address of the paediatrician/family doctor.

    11. How frequent are the doctors visits now ?

    12. Age at which milestones were achieved (head held steady, walk independently, Pulled toys along, while walking, Could feed self with or without a spoon, Recognized the names of familiar people object and body parts, Spoke 2 to 4 word sentences at month, Followed simple instructions, shape sorting, cooperated with dressing, Repeated words spoken to him / her, toilet trained, smiled at familiar faces, Shared his / her toys with others)


Sports Sports

Badminton, Cricket, Football/ Soccer, Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball, Athletics, Chess

Arts Arts

Dance, Drama, Music, Art & Craft, Clay and Pottery

Competitions and Events(Intra and Inter School)Competitions & Events

Students participate in inter-school competitions in areas of sports, art, elocution, music, photography. 

Shishuvan school organizes a 'Project Day' for which parents are invited to view projects done by students on a perticular theme selected by school teachers.  Parents can also interact with students to understand the concepts and logic behind their creations.

Excursion and Fieldtrips Excursion & Fieldtrips

Pre-primary - visit to parks, florist,supermarket (parent volenteers accompany teachers and students). Primary - day trips to villages (e.g. Dhanu for cultivation), kidzania, etc. Overnight trips begin from Grade 5-  Places visited include Kutch, Chennai, Delhi.

Value Education and Social initiatives Value Education & Social initiatives

Students participate in donation drives and charity events.

Clasroom Facilities Clasroom Facilities

Spacious classrooms with good ventilation and light. Not air conditioned. IT Enabled.

Sports Facilities Sports Facilities

Two playgrounds for sports and athletics. Also has a a hall for Gymnastics.

Media Other

2 libraries - one for primary section and one for secondary section. 

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Mathematics and Computer labs. Also has a separate science lab for the primary.

Art and Craft room, Music and Dance room, Auditorium, Lunch room, Multipurpose room, Resource rooms for pre-primary and primary, special teacher room for counselling, Canteen.

Security / Access Security / Access

ID Card required for pick up.


Food Services Food Services

From Nursery to Sr. Kg, a food chart is given to parents. Everyday one parent has to send home cooked food for the entire class as per the food chart.

From Grade 1, children carry snacks and lunch from home everyday. They can buy snacks from the canteen as well.

Transportation Services Transportation Services

School provides bus service. Female attendant on duty. 

Medical / Emergency Services Medical / Emergency Services

First-aid available in school. Parents called immediately in case of any emergency.

Counsellor Services Counsellor Services

Has counsellors for children with special needs. 


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