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Board:    /    Starting Fees: Rs.4,00,000


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Ascend International School is an IB World School with authorisation for the IB PYP Program and is offering admissions up to Grade 8. AIS is a part of Kasegaon Education Society (KES), which has been committed to ensuring quality education for children and young adults across Maharashtra for over 65 years.

Inspired by the educational philosophy of University Child Development School (Seattle, USA), Ascend International School's curricular model emphasizes:

  • Individualized Instruction
  • Collaboration in Education
  • Meaningful Learning
  • Global Citizenship and Flexible Thinking
  • Specialist Instruction
  • Assessment and Reflection

Chairman: Mr. Bhagat Patil

CEO: Mr. Aditya Patil

Principal: Ms. Meg Roosa

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Ascend International School, Sharada Devi Rd, Siddharth Nagar, Bandra East ,Mumbai, Maharashtra-400051, India

Phone: 022-71222000




Grade wise ProgrammesEntry Level :

Grade wise Programmes Grade wise Programmes
Nursery (Half Day), KG 1 and KG 2 to Grade 5 IB Primary Years Programme
Grade 6 to 8 IB Middle Years Programme

Admissions upto Grade 8 are being offered this year.

AIS has two intakes for the Half Day Programme (Nursery) - August and January

Academic Year and Timings Academic Year and Timings

Academic year runs from August to May.

Nursery 8 am to 11:30 am
Jr. Kg to Grade 8 8 am to 3 pm
Recess Time 30 to 40 minutes

Class Strength and Student::Teacher Ratio (By Grade) Class Strength and Student::Teacher Ratio (By Grade)

All Classes have 18 students and are staffed with one lead teacher and collaborative teaching partner.

Vacation Period Vacation Period

Diwali Break 1 week
Winter Break 2 weeks
Spring Break 1 week
Annual Break June and July

Assessments / Evaluation (By Grade) Assessments / Evaluation (By Grade)

Teachers observe a student's approach to a problem, the methods and skills students use to solve a problem and how students adjust their strategies when asked guiding questions. One-on-one student and teacher interaction is used to build curriculum and teaching techniques that are aligned to the individual needs of students.

A narrative report and set of academic continua for each student are sent to parents twice a year. Narrative reports give parents a detailed picture of the way their child learns, collaborates, communicates and understands concepts and skills. Narrative reports are accompanied by a set of continua that outline the level of understanding that a student demonstrates for skills in mathematics, reading, writing, and and the social/emotional domains. The continua give a measureable picture of each child's developmental progression and are tools for teachers to further individualize instruction by assessing students' current skill level in specific subject areas.


1 Annual Fees for Nursery
Rs. 400,000
2 Annual Fees for KG 1 and KG 2
Rs. 700,000
Fees shown are indicative values and are subject to change



  • Currently, the online enquiry link is open for 2019-20 admissions. Parents are required to fill the online enquiry form, post which the school will communicate regarding the schedule of the school tour.


Age Criteria for Nursery for 2019-2020: Children must complete 3 years of age by 31st August, 2019.
Age Criteria for KG 1 for 2019-2020: Children must complete 4 years of age by 31st August, 2019.
Age Criteria for KG 2 for 2019-2020: Children must complete 5 years of age by 31st August, 2019.



School Tour:  School Tour is compulsory in order to apply to AIS and are scheduled by appointment only. School Tours are conducted so parents get an understanding of the teaching model, school program and curriculum.

Tours take place during the week, starting at 9 AM to 10:30 AM. Children are not allowed. 

Admissions forms will be available following the school tour


Application Form: Following the tour, application form, fee and supporting documents are to be submitted individually for each child applying


Student Visit/Observation: Once the initial tour is completed and application is submitted, the Admissions Office schedules a visit for the child. Detailed information about the visit day will be sent to parents prior to their scheduled appointment time. Student visits are designed to be a sample of what a child's day-to-day experience is like at AIS. The schools aims to get to know your child and discover each child's strengths and what makes him or her unique through these visits


Parent Interview: All parents must participate in a parent interview as part of the application process. The Admission Office will schedule an appointment for a one-on-one interaction with both parents following the child's school visit.  Interactions are mainly around understand your family's goals for your child's education, and answer any remaining questions before admissions decisions are awarded


School Assessments: Done for applicant students who are 3 years old and above and are scheduled along side the parent interviews


Enrollment decisions are given on a rolling basis


Sports Sports

Football/ Soccer, Swimming, Judo Taekwondo, Chess, Yoga, Other

Arts Arts

Dance, Music, Art & Craft, Science Club, Other

Regular exercise, value and appreciation of healthy choices are incorporated into daily learning routines. Physical education and yoga are a part of the school program. 

Music, visual art and technology and science are disciplines in which all students participate during regular school hours.

The school runs an Extended Day Programme after school hours from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. During EDP, students can engage in a variety of open activities from playground time, to games and sports, or homework club, where students are given the space to work on homework assignments. Our After School Club Programme offers clubs with activities such as tae Kwondo, football, and swimming to dance, chess, foreign language and piano. Clubs are designed according to student interests and faculty expertise. Clubs are offered on a quarterly basis and topics rotate throughout the school year.


Infrastructure Infrastructure

AIS's unique educational spaces are cutting edge, open and purposeful, designed to emphasize collaborative work amongst students and reflect the open design and layout of modern architecture. The AIS campus building includes the pre-elementary and elementary school, central administration, a rooftop swimming pool and apartments for faculty and visiting scholars.

The higher floors of the school have outdoor terraces that provide spaces for educational purposes - for art, science, technology - spaces for collaborative work, for gatherings, for projects and for experimentation. Each floor includes multiple open studios, quiet nooks and loft spaces, interconnected studio classrooms and a private zig-zag stair to the playgrounds below.

Clasroom Facilities Clasroom Facilities

AIS classrooms are designed for experiential learning and hence do not resemble traditional classrooms. They are larger, airy and light-filled, designed more as studio workshops with worktables, informal gathering places and private study nooks. The classrooms of each floor are interconnected with unique child-sized passage doors allowing cross-class work and sharing of discoveries. Classrooms are situated around a central multi-purpose studio for project-based work and investigations.

Sports Facilities Sports Facilities

The ground level of the school is dedicated to outdoor play with a play field, playgrounds, landscaping, a tricycle track, sand area and a discovery jewel garden for the youngest students. The building sits above the ground on a stilt area with expanded play areas underneath and a series of pools, weirs and a waterfall wall. The grounds also include several unstructured play areas, turf, sport flooring with large play structures and open space for unstructured play as well as team sports.

There is a rooftop swimming pool.

Media Other

The third floor, called "town center", houses the library wing, the art studios, music room, science labs, and yoga studios. The library and specialty classrooms are clustered around a central studio workshop area complete with outdoor project and experiment terraces.

Transportation Services Transportation Services

Bus services are available


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