Value Education

A time for new Beginnings

It is the start of a new school year for most here in Mumbai. Long, gentle, magical days of the summer that were packed with endless possibilities and adventures make way for strict routines and early bedtime. From rushed early mornings to choc-a-bloc daily schedules of school and extra-curricular activities, the days tend to blur for the children and parents alike as they go through the week in near robotic fashion.

Yet, the start of the new school year is eagerly awaited, with much anticipation. As a grown up today, I see it as a milestone that symbolises Growth and Learning. From exploring new ideas and concepts, catching up with school teachers and friends to making memories and learning lessons that will last a life time, there is much to look forward to in the shared experiences we have had at school.

For me, School and Learning are also symbols of Hope – today, our children are young and the world is their oyster. So, Carpe Diem, I say.

This June of 2016 heralds a new beginning for us here at YourSchoolGuide as well, as we embark on a journey of discovering schools in Mumbai and attempt to understand the science behind learning and creativity. As new mothers, these two areas have intrigued us and, indeed for some time now, consumed us. As parents, our children’s lives tend to become central to our own, especially for mothers. Countless questions fueled by uncertainties and lack of knowledge flood our overcharged minds. And one theme stands out boldly – Schooling and Education

  • What schools have you applied to?
  • How is the infrastructure?
  • When do admissions start?
  • Is my child eligible?
  • What were the interview questions?


And there are endless debates on –

  • International or Indian boards?
  • Fixed curriculum or abstract?


Your School Guide is an endeavour to provide answers to such questions and empower parents with relevant and up to date information and notifications about schools and admissions, starting with Mumbai.

While the above are pertinent and pressing questions, I again emphasize on how Schools bring us Hope for building a tolerant and peaceful society in the future. This is especially important in the context of the children of today – Children who have the advantage of opportunities offered by the Internet age; Children who will need to learn, very early on, to be responsible and accountable for their words and actions. And hence, along with Literacy, I believe that our Education System should lay a strong emphasis on nurturing Social Values.

I leave you with words from one of the greatest thinkers of all time, Abraham Lincoln. Although dated, these words are relevant even today. Are the Educationists listening?  

Excerpt from Abraham Lincoln’s Letter to His Son’s Teacher

My Son Will Have To Learn, I Know,

That All Men Are Not Just, All Men Are Not True. 

But Teach Him Also That For Ever Scoundrel There Is A Hero; That For Every Selfish Politician, There Is A Dedicated Leader. Teach Him That For Every Enemy There Is A Friend.

It Will Take Time, I Know; But Teach Him, If You Can, That A Dollar Earned Is Far More Valuable Than Five Found.

Teach Him To Learn To Lose And Also To Enjoy Winning.

Steer Him Away From Envy.

In School Teach Him It Is Far More Honourable To Fail Than To Cheat.

Teach Him To Have Faith In His Own Ideas, Even If Every One Tells Him They Are Wrong.

Teach Him To Listen To All Men But Teach Him Also To Filter All He Hears On A Screen Of Truth And Take Only The Good That Comes Through.

This is a big order. But please see what you can do… He is such a fine little fellow, my Son!”

– Abraham Lincoln.  Source of the Letter: CiteHR