A Ready Reckoner on Education Boards

Thanks to that wonderful idea called Globalisation, parents are now spoilt for choice when selecting a schooling system for their children. In addition to the Indian boards, international schools have been around for a long time (there has been an IB World School in India since 1976). But only recently have they expanded their reach in terms of number of schools and programmes offered in India, making them more accessible to the global Indian.

But with choice comes confusion – parents are often put into a dilemma as to which board is right for their family. This is primarily due to lack of experience, information and understanding of the newer alternatives.

What are these international boards? What is the curriculum? How does it compare to ICSE or CBSE? What about future prospects? These are but a few questions that are often discussed during coffee breaks at office and kitty parties alike.

Here is a ready reckoner to help you to understand the various school boards available in Mumbai.

Board Comparison

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Sources: Individual Board Websites, Interviews with Parents and Counsellors, Other desk based research

Disclaimer: Our aim is to empower you with knowledge to make an informed choice and not to recommend or colour your opinion regarding any board. We wish to provide you holistic information based only on our own research, analysis and understanding, and this does not represent the view of any official body or organisation. It is not intended to be perused as a substitute for professional advice, should you wish to seek it. The information is updated to the time of publishing this post and is likely to change in the future.